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What are standards?

Initiated in 1926, the year the International Federation of National Standards Associations (ISO, AFNOR) was founded, standards are now widely used in many sectors of activity, particularly in industry and services. They allow professionals in the sector to refer to good technical practices and recommendations to ensure their customers receive a secure quality service. At ETANCO, all our solutions comply with the standards in force.

Working at height and collective protection: strict principles and criteria set out in the NF E85-15:2019 standard 

 Falls from height remain a major risk for men and women working at heights (construction sites, technical interventions, maintenance, etc.). According to the latest report by the French Health Insurance, falls from height still account for 

In order to regulate roof safety practices and thus reduce risks, several standards regulate fall protection and height access solutions in France.
In 2019, the evolution of the standard has brought technical clarifications to accelerate the prevention of risks of falling from height. Among the notable changes, we find:
The maximum distance of 500 mm between the top rail and the intermediate rail and between the intermediate rail and the plinth of the acroterion
If the guardrail is located at the bottom of a slope greater than 15°, in this case the gap is reduced to a maximum of 340 mm.
For railings on the edge of a technical terrace, the requirements for a handrail do not apply to the top rail.

The special case of ballasted railings

The 2019 revision also specifically regulates the use of self-supporting guardrails by giving priority to fixed guardrails. In particular, it prohibits the installation of weighted guardrails on new buildings, on terraces undergoing waterproofing repairs and on roofs with slopes greater than 15°; exceptions are made only in the event of technical impossibility.
In order to better regulate the use of self-supporting railings. The 2019 revision regulates their technical design. Thus, it :

As of July 2020, only the updated 2019 version is referenced.

At ETANCO, compliance with standards is a must. In order to guarantee full compliance with the standard, we have adapted our LR BALLAST 3 guardrail to the new requirements. The LR BALLAST 3 was launched in the spring of 2020 after passing the certification with flying colours by our certification body.
Would you like to know more? Do you need a technical opinion to secure your roofs? Our expert teams are at your disposal to guide you and advise you on the best solutions.

*Source: Rapport Annuel 2021 de l'Assurance Maladie - Risques professionnels. Statistical and financial elements.

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