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CSTB specifications 3194 and 3316


Transition from CSTB 3316/3194 to DTU 45.4
Until now, the general conditions for the design and installation of wood and metal frames associated with cladding referred to the requirements of CSTB specifications 3194 and 3316 respectively. However, since the end of 2021, the DTU 45.4 the External thermal insulation systems using external cladding with a ventilated air gap has been partially published.

What has been officially published about the DTU 45.4?
The DTU consists of 8 parts. The following publications have been made:
• Part 1: Book of Technical Clauses

  • Part 1-1-1: CCT Common Specifications – Published October 2021
    Installation of frames, insulation for all facings
  • Part 1-1-2: CCT Exterior facing in HPL laminated panels – Published in October 2021
    Implementation of HPL panels with through fixings
  • Part 1-1-3: CCT Exterior facing in fiber cement panels with through fixings – Published in January 2022
  • Part 1-1-4: CCT Clins PVC – In progress
  • Part 1-1-5: CCT natural slates and fiber cement – In progress
  • Part 1-1-6: CCT flat concrete tiles, clay tiles, clay tiles with interlocking or flat exposure and clay tiles with interlocking or sliding with relief –In progress

• Part 2: General Criteria for Choosing Materials Published in October 2021

• Part 3: Book of Standard Administrative Clauses Published in October 2021

• What does this mean concretely?
- All cladding incorporating external facings in HPL laminated panels and fiber cement panels (installed in through fixings) are now considered by the CCFAT as traditional techniques
- These applications are therefore no longer eligible for technical advice and/or transitional technical assessments ATT (unless the field of application is wider than that covered by the DTU)

• How can ETANCO support you?
Do not hesitate to contact your privileged ETANCO contact who can support you in this transition. Anxious to always make sure to meet the regulations / rules of the art in force, ETANCO accompanies you with its compliant solutions.
And we will of course continue to inform you of any developments.

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