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Pull out testing service

Construction site pull-out testing

Do you want to know the strength of our fasteners as part of a project?

Our technical sales representatives support you by conducting pull-out tests. These will be accompanied by a test report and a calculation note to validate your technical solution.

Why conduct testing?

Pull-out tests consist of placing a sufficient number of fasteners in the supporting structure of your job site. With appropriate equipment (an extractometer), we will extract the fasteners while measuring their tensile strength: the anchoring resistance in the support material.
They can be used in one of the following cases:

  • Characterise an approved substrate: :when the characteristics of the substrate are unknown, on-site tests are carried out in order to assess its strength..
  • Determine a characteristic strength for substrates not covered by approval or for anchors without approval. This is the case, for example, for an anchor validated for concrete but used in solid masonry.
  • Respond to a specific request from a design and/or inspection office, etc.

What products do we conduct tests on?

These tests are carried out on our full range of anchors: metal anchors, chemical resins and our range of screw connections for site repairs, for example. Our set of extractometers allows us to conduct tensile tests up to 10 tons.

What is the procedure?

The test methodology and interpretation is based on the recommendations of Evolis (formerly CISMA) for carrying out anchor tests.
Following the pull-out tests, we will send you a detailed report.
These values can then be used to optimise your technical solution with the Specif anchor sizing software.