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Delivery methods

Each project has its own constraints. ETANCO has put in place delivery methods that are adapted to your needs.
Whether on-site or to the worksite, standard or express, we have a convenient delivery solution.

More than 80,000 references are available in stock and ready for delivery.

Express Delivery

Emergency at a worksite? We can deliver within 24 hours.

Standard delivery

As long as it doesn’t exceed 6 pallets or a weight of 2.4T, your order will be delivered within 72 hours anywhere in France.

Chartered delivery

For all orders for export, those with a large footprint (such as guardrails or façade elements, for example) or for orders > 2.4T, we offer chartered delivery.

Pick-up at the Aubergenville counter

2 dedicated individuals will welcome you, advise you and make your orders available for pick-up at the counter located in the town of Aubergenville -78

At any time, find the status of your order processing.

Track your orders