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1) What is PMCB EPR?

This acronym stands for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for the Construction Products or Materials sector of the building industry (PMCB).
The principle of this "EPR" requires all entities responsible for placing building products or materials on the French market to finance or organise the prevention and management of waste from their end-of-life products and materials.
This EPR PMCB will be implemented as of 1 January 2023.

2) What products are concerned by the PMCB EPR scheme (decree N°2021-1941)?

These are "products and materials, including wall, floor and ceiling coverings, which are intended to be incorporated, installed or assembled permanently in a building or used for the facilities associated with its use on its site, including those relating to vehicle parking and with the exception of products and materials used solely for the duration of the building site".
Concerning ETANCO: this concerns most of our articles marketed, with the exception of PPE, certain tooling products, etc.

3) What are the obligations of the marketer?

The producer is the one who puts the products on the French market.
He has several obligations:
- To join one of the 4 eco-organisations approved by the state before 1 January 2023
- Make an annual declaration of eco-taxes for products subject to the PMCB EPR to their eco-organisation
- Display the eco-contribution on its invoices by May 1, 2023, per product, according to the applicable annual scale
- Carry out the invoicing accordingly
- Declare the products placed on the market each year
- Pay all the eco-taxes collected to its eco-organisation.

Concerning ETANCO: ETANCO is therefore a marketer. We are a member of the eco-organisation VALOBAT

4) What is the ecocontribution?

It is a financial compensation paid for the management of the end of life of products and materials placed on the market.
The amount of the eco-tax depends on the nature and weight of the materials that make up the product.
Each product is classified according to a product category to which a specific scale will apply.

Concerning ETANCO: We are doing our utmost to be ready on 1 May 2023 to display the detailed and differentiated amount of this eco-contribution on our quotes and invoices. The latter does not impact the price excluding tax of our products. The scale validated by VALOBAT is linked to the weight of each product. In addition, VAT is applied to this eco-contribution.  

5) what are the impacts for the users?

End-users will see this ecocontribution on their invoices from 1 May onwards and will have to pay it
In return, end-users will gradually be able to access free take-back of their sorted waste at voluntary drop-off points: waste operators, waste collection centres, certain distributors, etc. or via on-site take-back (depending on the volume).

6) To find out more ?

Find all the information on the EPR PMCB in the official government newspaper Arrêté du 10 juin 2022 portant cahier des charges des éco-organismes, des systèmes individuels et des organismes coordonnateurs de la filière à responsabilité élargie du producteur des produits et matériaux de construction du secteur du bâtiment - Légifrance (

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