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Through our subsidiary LRD-TS , we offer several types of surface treatment, such as sherardizing and hot-dip galvanizing, for fasteners (bolts, screws, plugs, pins, etc.), anchors and other metal parts.

What is sherardizing?
Sherardization is a thermochemical anti-corrosion process of diffusion and penetration of zinc in steel. It allows a uniform and constant thickness to be obtained on all parts, including those with complex shapes or in places that are difficult to access (tubes, hollows, etc.). This coating is obtained by a thermochemical process of zinc diffusion on the surface of ferrous metal parts (iron, steel, cast iron) when these are heated (400°C) in the presence of zinc dust and an inert material such as sand.
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What is hot-dip galvanising?
The hot-dip galvanising process involves immersing steel parts in a bath of molten zinc to produce a protective coating on the steel, for exceptional durability. The zinc coating is not simply a deposit of zinc: it is metallurgically bonded to the base steel as a metallic diffusion reaction occurs between the iron and zinc.
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ETANCO offers the widest range of fasteners for the building envelope on the market. Each site being unique and each country having to meet specific standards, allowing our customers to choose from the broadest portfolio of solutions on the market constitutes an undeniable competitive advantage.