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ETANCOPLAST HP is the thermal break system for installation of waterproofing complex, in conformity with the French regulations (DTU 43.3) and with a geometry designed to facilitate the implementation.

The range is compatible with the various insulators and membranes on the market.
It enables to fix the thickest waterproofing complex and meets the requirements of the RE2020.

It is an element to maximize the thermal performance of your sites.

Polyamide having a thermal conductivity much lower than steel, ETANCOPLAST HP is by design a thermal breaker system You can reduce the heat transfer coefficient fivefold !

Reduce the cost of your waterproofing projects by saving up to 25mm*of insulation thickness at equivalent thermal performance compared to a conventional metal couplers.

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*Depending on the configuration of your waterproofing complex

ETANCO offers the widest range of fasteners for the building envelope on the market. Each site being unique and each country having to meet specific standards, allowing our customers to choose from the broadest portfolio of solutions on the market constitutes an undeniable competitive advantage.